Welcome to LVK Paper Dolls!

LVK Paper Dolls offers a variety of unique, quality paper dolls such as historical, portrait paper dolls, fantasy, fashion, princess, and ballerinas. All paper dolls have an attached stand and an envelope to store the doll and its clothes. The historical paper dolls include a biography of the subject and a wardrobe based on clothes the subject wore and/or authentic recreations of clothing from the appropriate time period. Portrait paper dolls are based on a person's likeness drawn from pictures. The paper dolls are printed on heavy cardstock (110 lb.) and are bound in a book.

Paper dolls can be purchased on Etsy at www.lvkpaperdolls.etsy.com or at www.amazon.com/handmade/lvk-paper-dolls. Below are pictures of some of the paper dolls that are available for purchase: